Harry Eigenberg

Art & Interior

Harry Eigenberg

Art & Interior

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harry eigenberg

“At a young age, Harry discovered that he had a talent to transform spaces, thanks to his fascination with art, history and philosophy. He gathered a collection of art, which he incorporated into his projects. This collection eventually led to his own gallery in The Hague, where he currently presents a number of young artists in addition to his own collection. Harry’s worldly vision has always been a part of his signature.”
Harry Eigenberg on WDSTCK, the complete interview can be downloaded here.

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personal shopping

Personal shopping is ideal for people that often need to travel for their work, or can't seem to find the time to look for original goods. 'Many people do not know where to find beautiful things. I love to surprise these people and show them hidden gems, in Antwerp or Paris for example, where I find wonderful objects.' Make an appointment

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interior consultancy

Harry Eigenberg guides clients through their interior projects, by offering them new perspectives. 'I don't just say where a sofa or chair needs to be put. I assemble different objects and styles which fit the project.' Get in touch

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historic research and renovation

A building's history and its former tenants are are things that make up a house's identity. Harry Eigenberg thoroughly investigates the character of a place, whether you want to restore a site's authenticity or add modern comforts. Request a survey



Harry Eigenberg aims to equip an interior with a combination of styles. 'This mix creates a dialogue. Without it, there is no excitement, it becomes bland.' Harry Eigenberg furnishes interiors with new discoveries, objects from his personal collection and tailor-made designs. Make an appointment

Harry Eigenberg

Art & Interior